About Swoosh

The objective of the SWOOSH consortium is to maximize benefits while minimizing costs of medical, prescription drug, vision, dental, life and / or other group insurance coverages. Working together to purchase group insurance allows the districts to pool their members. With more members on the plan, the consortium can leverage the larger scale of the entire group and work toward obtaining the most competitive rates while securing unique wellness offers and additional investments to better manage long term costs. While the consortium provides short term savings, it also facilitates long term rate stability through their economies of scale, wellness standards for each district as well as an annual wellness fund.  

Currently, SWOOSH includes 10 school districts, >5,000 enrolled employees and >15,000 plan members. For more information on SWOOSH, contact Valerie Bogdan-Powers at Hub International, 513.745.0707

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Our Board of Directors

SWOOSH is governed by a Board of Directors that includes the Superintendent or a designee from each district.

The current SWOOSH Board officers are:

  • Alana Cropper, Forest Hills Local School District, President
  • Randy Seymour, Winton Woods City School District, Vice President
  • Amy Wells, Northwest Local School District, Treasurer
  • Valerie Bogdan-Powers, Hub International, Secretary

    The SWOOSH Board of Directors also includes:

  • Rob Fellows, Forest Hills School District
  • Karen Ervin, Lebanon City Schools
  • Mick Davis, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District
  • Mike Morrow, Kings Local Schools District
  • Jennie Berkley, Milford Exempted Village Schools
  • Darrell Yater, Northwest Local School District
  • Steve Bain, Oak Hills Local School District
  • Dan Beckenhaupt, Oak Hills Local School District
  • Thomas Lowe, Southwest Local School District
  • Daniel Romano III, West Clermont Local School District

Our Mission

SWOOSH is a health and wellness consortium for school districts and government agencies that come together to provide stability and quality access to health care and benefits to all eligible members. SWOOSH will do this by leveraging economies of scale, commonality of choices and driving wellness and health management by collaborative efforts of all participating agencies."